A1medtech is Chicago based company, founded in March 2016 by team of one Biomedical Engineer and three Biomedical Equipment Technicians. Each team member of A1medtech has a unique experience, versatile product knowledge, and technical expertise on wide range of Medical Devices through working in Clinical Engineering departments of different hospitals and various private clinics. With proficiency on wide array of medical devices, A1medtech has sought to bring together a comprehensive suite of products to meet the evolving demands of high quality new & used medical devices, parts, and accessories at affordable costs.

A1medtech is relatively new medical device company in the industry but it offers its customer with wide range of medical products of majority of Original Equipment Manufacturers by constantly updating inventory of medical equipment, parts, and accessories, and allowing our customers to decide about correct product selection.

A1medtech focuses on improving quality assurance, customer Satisfaction, and reliability while reducing time-to-market and costs. Through A1medtech’s comprehensive competences, customers are able to leverage expertise across a broad spectrum of medical products, as well as simplify their source of medical products and maximize cost efficiencies. A1medtech strives to outpace its peers through innovation, excellence, and decisiveness.



To become a remarkable source of Medical devices, service parts, accessories, and consumables globally by enhancing product collection and customer service in continually growing healthcare industry.


To provide the high quality and cost-effective solution to healthcare facilities for their ever-increasing demand for medical products.


Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability