Bard Sherlock II Sapiens TCS

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BARD ACCESS SYSTEMS Sherlock II Sapiens Tip Confirmation System (TCS)
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Sapiens TCS:

The Sapiens Tip Confimration System (TCS) is used for guidance and positioning of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs). The Sapiens TCS provides real-time catheter tip location information by using the patient's cardiac electrical activity. Sapiens TCS is indicated to use as an alternative method to chest X-Ray and fluoroscopy for PICC tip placement confirmation in adult patients.

The Sapiens TCS is designed to aid in PICC tip positioning through ECG technology. The Sapiens TCS displays an ECG signal detected by the intravascular and body electrodes, which can be used for catheter tip positioning. In patients with distinct P-wave, the P-wave will increase in amplitude as the catheter approaches the top of the cavo-atrial junction. As the catheter advances into the right atrium, the P-wave will decrease in amplitude and may be biphasic or invert. 

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