CareFusion Alaris 8120 Syringe Module

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CareFusion Alaris 8120 PCA Syringe Module for Alaris 8000/8015 PC Pump
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Brand: Carefusion
Model: Alaris 8120
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8120 PCA Syringe Module:

The Alaris 8120 is a PCA module that is used for delivery of pain management medications via patient controlled dosing. It uses syringe-based technology with secure drug access that attaches easily to the Alaris PC. The Alaris 8120 is designed to work with the Alaris PC Unit as well as with other Alaris System modules.

The Alaris 8120 PCA Module uses non-dedicated standard or pre-filled, single-use, disposable syringes (with luer-lock connectors) and administration sets with anti-siphon valves, designed for use on syringe-type PCA devices.