GE MAC 3500 ECG System

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GE MAC 3500 Resting ECG Analysis System
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Brand: GE
Model: MAC 3500
Warranty : 30 Days
MAC 3500:

Increase productivity and improve analysis with one of the hardest-working, affordable resting ECG systems in the industry. The MAC 3500 system is ideal for basic, 12-lead ECG analysis. With advanced Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis programs, the MAC 3500 delivers the technology you need to support reliable, accurate cardiac assessments.

Enhanced barcode workflow with orders and ADT download capability work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise. It's a system designed to help avoid costly misdiagnoses, automate processes for clinicians, and streamline workflow supporting improved quality of care and reduced cost for the hospital.

Active Options:

  • MODM: AT Modem
  • DIAG: Interpretation
  • GN12: Gen - 12SL
  • MAST: Master's Step
  • BCRD: Barcode Reader
  • CTDG: CT Dataguard
  • EXST: External Storage
  • FAXM: FAX Modedm
  • COLR: Color
  • WIFI: Wireless
  • MGRD: Card Reader
  • ELAN: Ethernet LAN
  • CSIP: GE Connectivity
  • CRIT: Critical Values
  • ACSM: ACS Option