GE Optima XR220AMX Digital X-Ray

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GE Optima XR220AMX 30KW Digital X-Ray System
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GE Optima XR 220AMX:

The GE Optima XR220 AMX digital mobile X-ray system is a self-contained, battery-operated mobile radiographic digital X-ray imaging system designed for performing radiographic exams at the point of care when it is not safe or practical to move the patient to the radiographic room. The system uses the GE FlashPad wireless digital detector, which automatically charges while stowed in its bin. Enhancements over its predecessor include advanced digital imaging, more power in a compact design, no boot-up required, automatic charging and more storage. 

Optima XR220AMX is suited for routine radiographic procedures within a hospital including radiology departments, intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, orthopedics, pediatrics, hospital rooms and clinics.

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