Medtronic Fusion ENT

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Medtronic Fusion ENT Navigation System
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Fusion ENT:

Fusion ENT Navigation System is an innovative electromagnetic (EM) image-guided surgery system. It allows you to operate with the maximum amount of information about the unique anatomy of each patient and “see” the relative location of the instrument tip in the patient’s sinus anatomy during surgery.

Image-guided surgery with the Fusion system can help you make more informed decisions in the operating room for safer, more thorough procedures. The Fusion system provides:

  • Reliable accuracy – is the first and only electromagnetic ENT system with reproducible accuracy comparable to our optical navigation systems
  • Ease of use – is the first and only electromagnetic system that includes automated instrument verification, reusable instruments, multiple registration modalities, multi-instrument tracking, and customizable surgeon- and procedure-specific settings
  • Expandability – allows you to customize your image-guided surgery system with additional procedure modules and associated instruments
  • Optional Supplemental Instrument Set – features innovative, reusable instruments with unique designs that enable better visbility and ease of use integrating Technology for the O.R. For simple or complex image-guided surgery, you can use the Fusion system with other ENT surgery products.