Medtronic XOMED XPS 3000

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Medtronic XOMED XPS 3000 Console and Footswitch
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Brand: Medtronic XOMED
Model: XPS 3000
Warranty : 30 Days
XPS 3000:

The XPS® 3000 System consists of a power control console, footswitches, connection cables, and assorted handpieces to drive various burs, blades, drills, rasps, and cannulae. 

XPS® 3000 CONSOLE — Provides power to the selected handpiece. In addition to the StraightShot® M4 Microdebrider and Visao™ High-Speed Otologic Drill, the system console also powers the StraightShot® Magnum® and Magnum® II handpiece, Powerforma® (High Speed Drill), Xcalibur® Hi-Torque and Hi-Speed Drills, and Skeeter® (microdrill) handpieces. It includes an integrated irrigation pump for irrigation of blades and burs and a second pump (optional) for motor coolant of the Visao™ High-Speed and Xcalibur® Hi-Speed Otologic Drills. 

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