Millipore Elix Advantage 15 Water Purification System

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Millipore Elix Advantage 15 Water Purification System w/60L Tank, Pump & more
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Brand: Millipore
Model: Elix Advantage 15
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Millipore Elix Advantage 15:

Elix electrodeionization technology

Combining Millipore Elix electrodeionization technology with the most advanced purification technologies (Progard™ pretreatment, advanced reverse osmosis, 254nm UV lamp), the Elix Advantage system uses potable tap water as feed. The pure water produced by the system meets the most rigorous standards of regulatory bodies around the globe. 

Ergonomic E-POD™ units for flexible water delivery

  • Up to three E-POD units per system can be installed at convenient locations in your lab, letting you benefit from efficient and reliable pressurized pure water delivery, with manual or volumetric dispensing.
Save time and money; benefit from lower running costs and reduced maintenance

  • Produce up to 350L per day
  • No polishing pack needed for pure water production
  • No need for an anti-scaling cartridge upstream of the Elix module
  • No extra softeners required
Peace of mind, ease of use

  • Consistent water quality, with resistivity measurements displayed on the main unit's graphic display
  • Continuous electrical recharging of exchange resins elilminates variations due to exhaustion of resins common to chemically regenerated units
  • High resistance to scaling ensures high Elix module reliability
  • All-in-one pretreatment pack
  • UV lamp maintains low bacteria levels
  • Unit performs self-maintenance of reverse osmosis membrane
  • Provides pure water for compliance with industry standards
Planet-friendly, clean technology

  • Uses electricity rather than harsh chemicals to regenerate resins and remove ions
  • Minimal use of disposable purification cartridges limits waste
  • Low electricity consumption
  • High water recovery minimizes tap water waste
  • Data on system operation and performance appear on the main unit's display
Information at your fingertips

  • Daily output data appear on the E-POD screen: water quality, system status, tank level, maintenance messages, water dispensing information
Adapability to meet your needs

  • Compact unit can be installed on the wall or under a sink, saving valuable bench space
  • Modular design adapts to changing demands in your lab: up to three E-POD units can be added
  • Choice of two dispensing flowrates and manual or automatic dispensing modes

 Reagent and buffer preparation, microbiology media preparation, histology applications, purified water for pharmaceutical applications (according to United States, Japanese, and European Pharmacopeias), and feed for laboratory equipment (washing machines, clinical analyzers, stability chambers, humidifiers, autoclaves, and weatherometers)