Philips IU22 Ultrasound System with 3 Probes

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Philips IU22 Ultrasound System Cart Revision F.1 with C5-2, C8-4V, L8-4 Probes
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Brand: Philips
Model: IU22
Warranty : 30 Days

  • Manufactured: January 2009
  • Software Version :
  • S/N : 034VYW
  • Cart Version : F.1

Philips IU22:

The Philips IU22 ultrasound system is an exceptional value for general imaging needs but it also has the advanced technologies needed to excel at specific ultrasound applications, including breast, OB-GYN, small parts and vascular. It offers 2D, 3D and 4D imaging capabilities along with Tissue Harmonic Imaging and Contrast Specific Imaging.