Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG System

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PHILIPS Pagewriter TC70 EKG System with Cart
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Brand: Philips
Model: PageWriter TC70
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Pagewriter TC70:

Designed to meet the demands of high volume ECG locations, the Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG machine is loaded with features which are sure to meet all your needs. This product includes a 15 inch color touch screen (high resolution) which allows for viewing of as many as 10 seconds or ECG and 16 leads.

The PageWriter TC70 offers the latest ECG technology and makes for a more efficient workflow by simplifying diagnostic testing. The Philips TC 70 delivers clinical reports wherever and whenever you want them. In any work environment, the Philips PageWriter TC70 makes it easier for users to provide quality cardiac patient care. Additional features and benefits of the TC70 include:

  • Easy program for ECG monitoring
  • Cardiac events can easily be noted for review
  • Quality lead wires which reduce burdensome wire tangling
  • 15 inch screen (touch screen/high resolution)
  • Wireless transferring for ECGs makes work easier
  • 16 leads of ECG monitoring with PageWriter TC70
  • Lead placement made easy with anatomic patient interface module

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